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Neon Strangers release new single called ‘Stuck In A Rhythm’.

Photo credit- Ronja Dahlgren

Neon Strangers have released their debut single called ‘Stuck In A Rhythm’. This pop duo consists of Anton Ericson and Robin Dahlgren who are influenced by Genesis and The Beatles. Neon Strangers write meaningful and relatable songs and  ‘Stuck In A Rhythm’ is no exception. This song explains your emotions when life seems to stand still and you are waiting for something new to happen. Being stuck in a rut and having banal things in your life your mood can be quite low. ‘Stuck In A Rhythm’ is a great beat even though it is very sentimental. Gentle guitars start the song, then vocals that I love, a great sound as well as emotion filled. Take a listen to this gem of a song here. 


Cover art credit – Sandra Örtlund

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