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The Lost Boys drop single ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’.

The Lost Boys from New Zealand are the newest pop punk band that deserve to have their music heard and tour around with the pop punk greats, like All Time Low and Simple Plan. The Lost Boys have got the pop punk sound down pat for sure. Their latest single called ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ has a meaning that will make you want to laugh then feel sorry for doing so. The lead singer of The Lost Boys flew halfway around the world after he misunderstood some messages from a girl. When he got there he found out that she had a boyfriend and I assume he felt pretty silly. I admire him that he has turned this, let’s face it, embarrassing incident into an incredible pop punk single. In true pop punk style ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ was recorded in a bedroom and is super energetic. I think it would sound amazing in a live setting, with the crowd singing back the lyrics. Take a listen here to ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’.


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