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Fade On releases new single called ‘Ice Cream’.

Fade On is Sam Schall’s moniker that crosses many genre in his music, even within one song. Fade On has announced his own genre called haunt pop that actually fits his sound perfectly. Fade On’s most recent release is called ‘Ice Cream’ that takes me back to my days of being obsessed with Hall and Oates, singing their songs with my brother. ‘Ice Cream takes a look at how people met these days online and using these hookups to gratify themselves. The relationships of today are created in our head as we desire human contact. ‘Ice Cream has unique sounding music throughout the song. Sam’s vocal sound is different to the sound I usually like but I am intrigued by the variation in emotion and sound. If you like songs that challenge your thoughts and you thoroughly enjoy then you with love ‘Ice Cream’.



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