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Black Summer releases new single ‘DOUBLE EDGE FT. ASTON’.


Electronic music wunderkind Black Summer has today announced his new, heartwrenching single Double Edge, featuring Australian vocalist Aston, out November 1.  The young artist, otherwise known as Rhys Toms, has also dropped a breathtaking video clip to accompany Double Edge, directed by Tim Maxx, and starring Aston herself alongside actor David John Craig.  It’s been a wild ride for Rhys, since he was Unearthed by triple j at the age of 11 as one of the country’s most exciting young producers and Double Edge is yet another example of Black Summer’s prowess as a producer, and leaves the listener wondering if this is what he’s capable of at just 16 years old, there’s no telling what will come next.


Double Edge is affecting, melancholy; the kind of song listeners will put on for comfort in the midst of a breakup or breakdown.  Gentle piano plays calmly throughout the swooping, sparkling dance of synthesisers and percussion.  Aston’s heavenly vocal guides the listener as the song reaches its peak, resulting in a deeply poignant journey from start to end.  Written alongside Aston and songwriter Starley, Rhys explains how the collaboration came about, When I was in LA, I was lucky enough to have a writing session with Starley and Aston. Double Edge came from a session where myself and Starley really connected.  We had so much fun, I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I heard Call On Me it was a huge international hit with over a billion streams, so I was just fortunate to write with her.”  Double Edge is a deep, introspective track, Rhys enlightens, “The song itself is quite personal, but I feel like we’ve all been there – a situation where we may have been attracted to the wrong person or someone who wasn’t good for us.  From my interpretation, it’s a song about a toxic relationship and how it can be damaging but you keep getting drawn in at the same time.  Creatively, this song was so much fun to work on.  Starley is an incredible writer, and Aston is an amazing vocalist and songwriter.  I was lucky enough to be able to really enjoy the process.” – More info below.



While not necessarily being on the rise, I’ve known of Misogi since 2016 when he put his song Ugly out and have been a fan of his atmospheric beats. He has a unique sound that I haven’t heard from anyone else and respect that he’s not afraid to do his own thing. What I like most about his music is his melodies and it gives me inspiration to work on my own melodies and learn new chord progressions.


Getter is a dubstep artist that has been on the rise pretty quickly through the past  2 – 3 years. He is a dubstep artist that I’ve taken as inspiration for my own darker music because of his use of incorporating weird sounds. My favourite songs by him would have to be Something New or Frickin’ Dope just because they are so unique and fresh to me.


Habstrakt is an upcoming artist who’s been on the rise using elements of house and dubstep that I think is really cool and unique. I think it’s cool how he blends to very different genres to create something really cool and unique. I feel like he will only get bigger and bigger as time goes!


Something that really stands out to me about Nghtmare’s music is the fact that he can mix future bass and dubstep with trap in a way that flows really well, I take a lot of inspiration from him when making my own music. One of my favourite songs by Nghtmare would have to be his remix of Luv U Giv just because of how strong the moody is in that song, he has a really distinctive sound that you would be able to pick apart from any other artist.


RL GRIME is already well established but not yet a house hold name, I just wanted to add him in because he’s been an inspiration to me from the start. One of the very first electronic music producers I ever heard. I remember coming across his song tell me way back in 2015 and just being blown away with how weird it was to any music I’ve ever listened to at the time. I literally only listened to rock before I started making music so it really blew me away with how different it sounded from any song I’ve heard before.


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The clip for Double Edge is epic, sharp and moving, as Aston sings to her wounded partner, a crow glides through the sky, a white wolf gallops through a forest, and the grey, snowy landscape threatens to overwhelm everything in its wake.  The colour palette of deep, thunderous grey, white and deep blue reflects the mood of the song perfectly, and awe-inspiring drone shots of the snowy mountain landscape are sure to impress.  Speaking on the meaning behind the clip, Rhys says, “I feel like the clip is quite symbolic, and can be taken a few different ways.  I see it as being about a toxic relationship that has hurt the people in it.  The crow and the wolf, to me, symbolise the struggle of chasing someone who is only going to damage you and make everything worse.  Tim Maxx, who has been the creative brain behind my past video clips as well as this one, has done an amazing job communicating a message through this video that can be interpreted in many ways, which was exactly what I wanted this project to feel like.”


Double Edge is just the first taste of the new Black Summer tunes that are yet to come, as Rhys spends all his spare time – between the pesky teenage commitment of school – writing and producing, both from his hometown in Canberra and Los Angeles. 


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