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BEACHWOOD tells Jen their Top 5 Duos.

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Jen asks Jaz and Ange their thoughts on their Top 5 Duos

The White Stripes

Brother and sister duo that play together and stay together…that’s a major achievement in itself. Love their songwriting. Love how huge the sound is with how limited a pallet they have to draw from. Her drumming is all feel, nothing technical but sits in an incredible pocket! – Jaz

La Roux

Super hip English synth pop at its finest. Her voice was always super iconic. You knew exactly who it was when you heard her sing. Interesting the way that you very rarely saw (in the artwork etc) the music guy who put it all together. Great songs and a great time to be living in London!! (Which I was at the time!) – Jaz

The Chain Smokers

I know, a little commercial on this front. But anyone who can go from the most gimmicky song of all time ‘let me take a selfie’ to working with Chris Martin of Coldplay deserves some respect in my books. Living in LA at the time when they came back with their new sound, it was EVERYWHERE. They definitely hit a moment and rode that wave all the way to their own private Island and whatever else money could buy them!! 🙂 – Jaz


These guys have a beautiful synergy as a pair (surely due to the fact that they’re a sibling duo!). Also I feel a real affinity to them being small town Kiwis from the start, just doing their thing (*Ange is half-kiwi). There’s something really grounded about their approach to music and performing that just translates in this totally lovable and likeable way. “Don’t Feed The Pop Monster” is definitely my favourite album of theirs, I love where they’ve come from, and what that record means in light of their trajectory, I liked they’re other releases but with this latest one…there’s so much freedom and fun, it feels like they embraced any and every idea they came up with and just ran with it. I love that creative approach – like just run and go and enjoy it along the way. I think listeners feel the love and the freedom in the music when it’s there. – Ange



Angus & Julia Stone

Definitely a different sound to Beachwood (Angus & Julia Stone being a dreamy folk duo) but had to throw these two Aussies in there. They’re one of those acts that seemed to just grow organically straight from the soil or something – effortless – and they defined such a time and a sound that went onto influence a whole movement of that style of nostalgic, heartfelt and unapologetic folk. Whether it’s pop or folk or rock, there’ll always be a special place in my heart for those acts that seemed so perfectly attuned to the spirit of the times, that mysterious way that their music was really felt by so many people at the same time. – Ange

Thanks, Guys for your thoughts on this Top 5! 

The effortlessly cool Beachwood have today announced two singles Marbles and God Only Knows (out today, October 25).  Their compelling, hypnotic brand of electro pop shines bright on both tracks; completely mastering an unexpected cover in God Only Knows, and documenting a gradual lapse of sanity in MarblesBeachwood (otherwise known as Jarrad Rogers and Angeline Armstrong) are the new kids on the block – only these multi medium artists already know exactly who they are, and are already making waves across the globe.  After working with massive international artists such as Charli XCX, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lana Del Rey and Lauryn Hill, and much loved Australian artists Montaigne, Daniel Johns and Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun), it’s finally time for Jarrad and Ange of Beachwood to step to the front.

Their new original track Marbles was conceived in Los Angeles and features Texan MC Tray Haggerty, and you can almost hear the buzzing heat in the final release.  Surprising beat changes, inventive melodic vocal ideas, almost overwhelming synthesisers and hits are all contained within Marbles. It feels like a true masterclass in marrying the art of songwriting and the art of production and the end result is one very exciting pop song.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, Jarrad says, “Sometimes, caught up in the moment, we find ourselves saying and acting like someone we don’t even recognise – someone who is not at all the person we want to be deep down – that sort of inner struggle just seems to be a part of human nature.  It was cool to work together on a song that found a way to really capture that universal feeling of letting someone you love down, of ‘losing your mind, your grip on things, your marbles.’

God Only Knows may seem a strange fit as a cover for a modern electronic pop duo – but Beachwood’s version of this classic Beach Boys hit is the track you never knew you needed.  Eerie, progressive and warm, the gorgeous nature of this stunning song glows in Beachwood’s thoughtful remake.  Angeline’s voice is soft and emotive as impressive production swells and recedes with stunning technical prowess.  This cover highlights the melancholy within God Only Knows, as Ange explains, God Only Knows is such a sweet, romantic sounding song – but when you dig deeper and pay attention to the lyrics, it’s quite bittersweet and dark – there’s a real desperation and longing in it.  That same longing and bittersweet feeling exists in both of our new tracks: hidden beneath pulsating pop beats and big progressive sounds, there’s the raw voice of a desperate longing for a relationship that won’t spoil or break.  I think that taps into something very personal for all of us, no matter how deeply buried.”

The decision to release the two songs side by side was one that felt natural to Beachwood, as Ange reflects, It’s always nice to give people more.  As artists we’re always so hungry to release our music faster than is sometimes possible – it feels really good to just let go and hand these two over to the world all at once.  We wanted to do something a little different – there’s a big focus on releasing one single at a time these days, but we felt that there was a bit of a story here in releasing both together.  We love re-imagining songs, especially ones as amazing as God Only Knows.”  No matter what the song, the Beachwood sound will always come through.

Beachwood is Jarrad Rogers and Angeline Armstrong.


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