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Queensland-based singer songwriter Bobby Maguire has announced his new single Moving to the City, a sweet song written to inspire self-confidence in the young artist before a big life change.  The song is also accompanied by a charming clip, and reflects a hilarious, whimsical journey from the country to the city.  Moving to the City is the first taste of Bobby Maguire’s debut self-titled album, set for release on November 29.  To celebrate the release, Bobby will be playing a very special, intimate hometown album launch show at Elixir Bar in Cairns on November 29.

Moving to the City is a poppy, chirpy track, and it’s pretty hard not to smile as the honest, uplifting lyrics play out.  It’s refreshing to allow this acoustic guitar-driven track to wash over and perhaps reminisce about moving from a childhood home to a college dorm or first sharehouse.  It’s sentimental, but fun, and exudes enthusiasm and anticipation, as Bobby explains, Moving to the City was inspired by bands like The Cure and The Kooks, it deals with the loss of a past life as well as growth and a need to move forward with a new chapter. I wrote this song as a form of encouragement for myself to embrace this new journey.”


FRI 29 NOV | ELIXIR BAR, CAIRNS QLD | 18+ Tickets from

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Seeing Bobby is from Cairns, here is his Top 5 Cairns Artists

  1. Eddie Skiba.
    Eddie Skiba is a rock musician who has released his album ‘Blend on the Border’ in July 2019. His upbeat, keyboard heavy single ‘Rattle the Cage’ is an evocative floor-filler featuring an animated video clip which fleshes out some of the issues with out modern society. Whether playing solo or with the band Eddie’s live show is engaging and sincere with his sharp songwriting clear in each detailed composition.


  1. Leanne Tennant

If your are into bluesy folk with sultry vocals then Leanne Tennant is the artist for you. Leanne’s latest  single ‘Bring It All Back’ spans multiple genres with it’s driving rhythm, bluesy guitar and hauntingly sweet vocals. Leanne is also winner of the 2017 Queensland Music Awards – Blues/Roots category and her ‘Red Wine Late Nights’ album is definitely a must-have.


  1. Big Foot Mafia

With big beards, chunky blues-influenced riffs and catchy songs Cairns heavy rock band Big Foot Mafia explode onto the stage like pentatonic pirates. The lads put on an energy-filled live show and have recently supported Thirsty Merc after releasing their ‘Let It Burn’ album. My favourite tracks are rockers ‘White Line Fever’ as well as the unapologetic ‘Let It Burn’ check out Big Foot Mafia and make sure you turn it up!


  1. Robert Cini

Solo indie/roots artist Robert Cini has recently released his debut album ‘Imaginary Fun’ melting hearts from the Far North to the America where his music has earned him a mention on the Billboard World Song Contest. Despite battling cancer and lifelong vision impairment Robert continues perform shows, earn music scholarships and release music at an impressive rate. Each tack is a carefully structured work showcasing his enchanting voice evident on songs like ‘Different Road’ and ‘Growing Up’ which evoke a Jason Miraz meets John Mayer vibe.


  1. Talitha Jae

Talitha Jae is an acoustic singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice and a mission to use her musical talent to support various Mental Health Awareness charities. Her single ‘I’m Right Here’, which appears on the ‘Sounds Good: Australia’ compilation, is a gorgeous composition with selfless lyrics speaking of connection and being there as a shoulder to lean on for someone who needs help. Talitha has recently opened for Clare Bowdich as well as sparing her talents to sing harmonies on my album before preparing to record her debut E.P.

The clip for Moving to the City is delightful in its lofi nature, and a truly funny watch, particularly to anyone who has been a victim to the often-disastrous search for the right rental property.  Entirely self-made, with the help of good friends and family, the clip has a lovable, quirky edge, and showcases a comedic side to this talented young artist.  Speaking on the making of the clip, Bobby says, “The video clip is raw and fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously in order to reflect the sunny, lively feel of the song.  It features me playing multiple characters and was shot with a minimal budget, and the aim of the clip is to connect with the audience on a down-to-earth level, so that they don’t get lost in gloss and feel more connected to the song.”


Bobby’s debut self-titled album is a heartwarming, painstakingly curated collection of brilliant, sharp songwriting.  Upbeat, yet emotive, listeners will be buoyed by the sweet lyricism in Black Dog and Get What You Take, and compelled to the dancefloor by tracks Ifs and Maybes and Outta My Head.  Recorded with Cairns-based Kris Hutchinson, with a sound evocative of Thirsty Merc and Bernard Fanning, the album is a coming of age story, as Bobby describes, “The album follows my musical journey so far, beginning with uplifting tracks Moving to the City and Home which I began writing when I was fifteen.  As the album progresses, a more punk rock feel emerges through songs Fight the Fear, Game and The Messenger which mirror battles with identity, dependence and anger.  Introspection is also woven through the album with songs like Black Dog which speaks of mental health issues from a friend’s perspective, as well as Get What You Take which is about accountability for your actions, as well as self acceptance and love.”  Sharing more insight into the recording process, he says, “ Before production began I already had ten self produced demos with all the instruments and arrangements finalised.  These complete demos helped me secure a Regional Arts Development Fund grant, which enabled me to begin recording with Kris Hutchinson.  Kris had great advice, amazing patience and even played bass on a few tracks.”

Bobby Maguire will be celebrating the release of his new single and debut album with an intimate show at Elixir Bar in his hometown of Cairns on November 29.  Giving a taste of what to expect from the exclusive show, Bobby enthuses, I’m pumped! It has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to showcase these songs with my new band.” As well as performing with the band, Bobby also plays solo acoustic shows featuring live guitar looping and re-compositions of his songs.

Moving to the City is out now, and the self-titled album is set for release on November 29.


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