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The Lagoons release new single called ‘Give It Up For Love’.

Brothers Ryan and Joey Selan created The Lagoons back in 2015. They have created their own type of genre, with a mix of indie pop, rock and soul. Their love of music started in High school, learning instruments Ryan played the trumpet and Joey played saxophone. From there they have moved into writing, producing, and recording all of their own music and adding more instruments that they learnt along the way. I really like their new single called ‘Give It Up For Love’ as it has music that engaged me right from the first beat. ‘Give It Up For Love’ has a 70’s infusion that I adore. Super catchy and well worth the listen. Vocals are extremely good, smooth yet with strength behind the. You may have heard their song ‘Califonia’ that has been scored in Netflix series ‘Easy’. If you like music that is meaningful and easy to listen to then check out ‘Give It Up For Love’. I really do like the way the song makes me feel. 


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