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Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers drop single called ‘Run’.

Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers have one mission, to make music fun. I like that! Music can be so cathartic and be used as an escape from reality. I am sure that you have listened to music when happy or sad, whatever suits the mood. Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers formed back in 2015 and they achieved success in radio and have had their songs licensed to MTV, E!TV, NETFLIX, and more. Their latest single called ‘Run’ is energetic and a showcase for the amazing vocals of Nick Anderson. I like the variation of speed in the song that keeps the song interesting. 

Nick states that Music should be fun. It should make us feel something. It can surround us in comfort, embrace us in times of fear, and encourage us when in doubt. It can relieve the tension and stress that can often feel overwhelming. Simply put, music should give us a way to escape from the troubles we all face from time to time. It should take us to a place where we feel free: A freedom of expression, a freedom of belief and most importantly a freedom to have fun and be ourselves.

I fully agree with Nick. I use music for all of the above reasons and I can’t imagine my life without music. I hope that ‘Run” can help people like it did for me. I am a little worried about my future and how much time I have left and I don’t want to waste my life. 


NASL is:

Nick Anderson – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Jeff Durow Jr. – Bass/Backing Vocals

Ian McAlister – Drums/Backing Vocals


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