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Clay J Gladstone drops single ‘International Pill Testing Anthem’.

Good on you Clay! Writing a song about an issue that is relevant and urgent although politicians do not agree of course. If you are not an Aussie Festival goer or you don’t watch the news, there have been many deaths due to drug-taking in Aussie Festivals. Clay J Gladstone has written a song called ‘International Pill Testing Anthem’ that explores this and demands that we start to have pill testing for festival-goers. It is not enough to tell kids, you might die if you take drugs, as they are going to anyway. We need to be realistic.

Clay states “This is a song about rebellion. You can tell the kids not to take drugs, but they’re going to take them anyway. If you really want to help and prevent deaths, how can you not support testing drug testing at music festivals.”

The song starts off with a spoken message taking off what political ads do. The statement that Clay makes is blunt and to the point. Even the lyrics of the song does not hold back any punches.  I admire Clay that he is using his talent to get songs out that have real meaning. I really enjoy listening to ‘International Pill Testing Anthem’ not just for the meaning but for the interesting vocal sound. I do hope this song gets loads of radio play as it really does deserve it. 



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