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Ian McFarland releases new single ‘Long Distance’.

Singer-songwriter Ian McFarland has done it again and released a gem of a song that it only took one listen to and I knew I would review it. This song is called ‘Long Distance’. Ian has travelled the world with his music and also writes for his own company called Its Not Records. ‘Long Distance’ was written in a time of turmoil for Ian. Finding himself homesick and friendless, he coped with this by taking his guitar out to the desert and write songs in the sun. I connected to this song as I moved to another country once and it was awful. The loneliness was never-ending.  Listening to ‘Long Distance’ now I realised that the song would have helped me. Ian McFarland is one of my favourite artists that I have met through Submithub. Check ‘Long Distance’ out here and many of my other reviews. 


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