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Jonas Källstrand releases new single ‘Nothing That I Thought I Would Show’.

Photo by: Boris Laible

Every now and then a song jumps out at me that has the whole package. For me, that is incredibly emotional vocals, the guitar that supports the meaning and of course the actual meaning of the song. Jonas Källstrand has just released this type of song called ‘Nothing That I Thought I Would Show’. Listening carefully to the song this song is about addiction and the heartache it causes. With the brutally honest lyrics, excuses are made for falling back into bad habits. I adore Jonas’ vocals and the sincerity in them. ‘Nothing That I Thought I Would Show’ is not a song that has been altered to death but an authentic song with real emotions. You can read in the title that this song is deeply personal and written for himself. I am glad that he has decided to share it to the world. Take a listen here, it is well worth it.



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