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All Faces release new single ‘Here I Am’.

Folk Duo Ben and Daphne formed All Faces after they met in London in 2017. They have the unique ability to fuse a few genres but stay true to their Folk sound. In 2018 after they released their debut EP they signed to Indie label AlexrainbirdRecords. All Faces has just released a new single that is an absolute gem called ‘Here I Am’. I was attracted to the amazing vocals as well as the beautiful soundscape. To make the song even better, it has a meaning that I really relate to. I am a big believer of positivity and be happy with what I actually have. To have this mindset takes a lot of energy at the start, then it gets easier. ‘Here I Am’ is a song that celebrates life and how amazing it is. Take a listen to ‘Here I Am’ and let the meaning wash over you, food for thought for many.  

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