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High Tropics drops single ‘Changes’.

When I hear that a band has been dubbed “infectious garage pop” by Rolling Stone magazine I know that I am going to love their sound. High Tropics are no exception. Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his band make up High Tropics. They have just released a new single called ‘Changes’. The main reason I adore this song is the unique vocal sound of josh Stewart. The sound makes it a very interesting song to listen to and sing along to. Of course, I also love the meaning of the song, about how change is important and how some people really don’t like change. I am one of those people. For example, I love the house I bought when I was 21 and I still live there as I don’t like change! 

‘Changes’ deserves to be heard and to climb the charts all over the world. It is a very interesting song. Take a listen here and see what you think. 


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