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FLØRE releases new single ‘Blue Tide Eyes’.

Photo by Dennis Zorn

FLØRE grew up dreaming of the universe and practising her musical skills. The songs that she writes are inspired by feeling alone and not being tough enough for this world. Her childhood of loneliness and her broken heart give her plenty to write about. Her latest single ‘Blue Tide Eyes’ is one of those songs. This tune is about how we must feel when your life begins. I admire FLØRE for digging deep and sharing her story through sings as many will relate and not feel so alone. FLØRE has the most amazing vocals that really make the song sound how she feels, with a longing in her heart. The vocal sound is beautiful and I could listen to her all day long. I also like how in ‘Blue Tide Eyes’ the music does not take over, rather support the vocals so the message is understood. 

Take a listen to this beautiful meaningful song ‘Blue Tide Eyes’  here. 

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