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‘When We Were Lost’ is J.R. Wyatt’s latest single.

J.R. Wyatt has always been fascinated with music and from an early age he learnt how to play any instrument he could find as well writing songs. Having many influences including punk, hip hop, classical, crooners and more, he felt a connection with folk/rock musicians and singer-songwriters. At 22 J.R. Wyatt moved to Nashville, Tennessee with just a guitar and his musical talent that allowed him to make friends and collaborators. in 2016 he, with these people he made his debut solo album called ‘Staying Gold’. Now he has been working on his next album called ‘I’m Still Here’, due out in early 2020. 

When I first listened to ‘When We Were Lost’ I could hear the Nashville influence in J.R. Wyatt vocals and knew I must share this song due to the incredible vocals that touched my soul. ‘When We Were Lost’ is a song about how hard it is growing up. Everyone can relate to that. It also looks at how many of us become or return to where we were running so fast to get away from.  

Take a listen to ‘When We Were Lost’ here. 



Song credits:

Written by: J.R. Wyatt

Produced by: Will Honaker and J.R. Wyatt

Engineered by: Will Honaker, Collin Pastore, and Don Bates

Mixed by: Will Honaker

Mastered by: Alex McCollough at True East Mastering, Nashville, TN

Guitar and Vocals: J.R. Wyatt

Guitar: John McNally

Bass/Keys: Will Honaker

Drums: John Ogelby

Recorded at: Trace Horse Studios,

Camp Senia, and Fort Bones in Nashville, TN


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