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Thom Sawyr release new single ‘Change’.

Singer-songwriter Tasso Smith has started a project called Thom Sawyr that is inspired by being annoyed and bored of the status quo. After touring with some pretty big names, eg Youngblood Hawke, Panic! At the Disco, Walk the Moon, and P!nk, Tasso saw Thom Sawyr as a way of expressing what he thinks music should represent and not just for materialism and fame. I fully agree with this sediment. 

Thom Sawyr has just released a gem of a single called ‘Change’. The blending of genres such as Americana, folk and indie rock has created a most enjoyable single. Tasso was mucking around on his guitar when the chorus just came out. He had just read about the medical industry lobbyists in Washington DC. The lyrics of ‘Change’ are extremely well written and meaningful. The lyrics could relate to so many issues going on right around the world and I find that makes the song even more meaningful. Take a listen to ‘Change’ here. It is a song that deserves to be listened to! 





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