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anseo drops new single called ‘Stay’.

anseo is an Irish word that translated means here or present. Solo musician Luke James Smith chose this as a reminder not always to look ahead but to live for the moment. I for one connect to this as I used to be a person that always planned ahead and did not take the time to live in the moment. Luke released a four-song EP called ‘Wilder Shades’ in October this year. The song that I chose to review is called ‘Stay’ that demonstrates that Luke has a vocal sound similar to Matt Corby. This song is worth a listen not just to hear Luke’s amazing vocals but the way the song will make you feel. I think we will hear loads more from anseo and I hope I get to listen to what comes next. Take a listen here.




1. Deadbeat

2. 3 Wicked Years

3. Stay

4. Afterglow

The ‘Wilder Shades’ EP by anseo is out now.

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