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SAER drops new single called ‘Disruptor’.

SAER has just released a song called ‘Disruptor’. This song caught my attention due to how unique it was from the usual songs that I review. What a vocal range does SAER have! SAER is a UK based singer-songwriter who is building his name in live performances and musical collaborations. SAER is a multi-instrumentalist that is able to switch between busy electronica soundscapes to minimalist, heartfelt laments.

Davies states ‘Disruptor’ “is about inner conflict”  as we all have a self-destruct button and the people around us are the ones that suffer the most. I agree with Davies quote <em>“Music can act as a time-stamp in life, the possibility of creating something that helps people through trouble or remember a joyful moment really inspires me.”  This is so true! Whenever I sort through my band tees, I remember each gig or Festival and the people I went with and how much fun it was. 

Take a listen to ‘Disruptor’ here. You will enjoy the vocals for sure!

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