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The Great Emu War Casualties release new single called ‘Confidence for Midriffs’.

Alternative Indie Rockers The Great Emu War Casualties were formed in 2017 in the UK where assist, Saskia (aka ‘Unicorn Head’), met front-man, Joe (aka ‘Mr Boohoo’), and sound enthusiast, Elliot. Saskia was living in the UK and then briefly in the Netherlands then to my home town of Melbourne. Their bio states that they are from ‘Amsterdam, Sydney, Paris, Liverpool, Manchester, Melbourne’. That is many places! In Melbourne they met Nepali metal lord Bibek ‘B-bek’ Tamang qho joined them as their drummer. 

The band are well known for their quirkiness and their eccentricity really caught my attention, as I really do love songs that are unique and interesting. The Great Emu War Casualties have been busy releasing songs in 2019 independently throughout Australia.


In 2020, the year of the Emu, they have plans to release many songs. The Great Emu War Casualties remind me of Ball Park Music when my teenagers listened to Puddinghead non-stop and I fell in love with their unique sound. Many a car trip to gigs or Festivals were spent singing their songs at the top of our lungs and I do feel that The Great Emu War Casualties songs would be great to do the same. 

Their latest single ‘Confidence for Midriffs’ starts off strong with engaging music that continues throughout the song. Vocals are strong and varied. Lyrics are very eclectic as expected. If you are in Melbourne I encourage you to see The Great Emu War Casualties, they play many gigs and I would say there would be loads of energetic unique performances. Check out ‘Confidence for Midriffs’ here. 


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