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Sienna Wild release new single called ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ and tells Jen their Top 5 emerging Australian artists.

Indie rockers on the rise, Melbourne’s Sienna Wild have today announced their exhilarating, gritty new single You Wouldn’t Know, a track that places the listener in a strange and unsettling situation between two lovers, out today, December 2.  The group have also released a killer lyric video to accompany the track.  To celebrate all things You Wouldn’t Know, Sienna Wild is heading out on a national tour in January 2020, kicking off at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on January 2, then moving through Adelaide, Brisbane, and wrapping up with a hometown show in Melbourne at The Tote on January 31.




Tickets available here | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets

SAT 18 JAN | RIC’S BAR, BRISBANE QLD | 18+ Free Entry

FRI 31 JAN | THE TOTE, COLLINGWOOD VIC | 18+  Tickets available here

Check out the Top 5 emerging Australian artists according to Sienna Wild 

  1. Middle Kids – 

I don’t know if they are emerging anymore but they are a class rock act. We first heard about them a few years ago and were immediately intrigued by the singer’s voice and the way they used dynamics in a really smart and emotional way. Every now and then a group comes around that makes you stop and take notice, and these guys definitely did that. Seen some really cool covers of their stuff recently too, which is always the sign of strong material. Awesome songs, great lyrics and the strongest melody writers this country has seen in a while. 

  1. Samsaruh – 

A 19 year old with the voice of an angel. This artist was one I shazamed not long ago and just kept discovering and exploring their catalogue. So young and so talented! Makes you feel inspired to do better and go back and review your own stuff, makes you kinda competitive when you hear something so unique. Really original and beautiful songs! 

  1. Body Type – 

Awesome indie – rock band. Really interesting sounds here, cool psych and kinda mesmeric in their production. That was something I noticed straight away, deliberate production style to enhance their translation and exposure to a wider market. That’s how it sounds anyway, in the best way possible.  Great sound and fantastic performances. This band really is one to watch! 

  1. Tonight Alive – 

This band is a world class rock talent. They are touring internationally at the moment and deserve every minute of it. We love this band! Kinda got a Paramore, punk- pop sound, with a great drummer! Love this kinda punchy rock vibe in the right context, full of energy and interesting musicality. Must watch! 

Nathan Hawes – 

Really cool acoustic singer – songwriter. When you want to chill and relax with some laid back tunes, this dude takes you away. We like to listen to this kinda stuff in the van, driving to and from shows. Laid back songs have a really understated elegance to them, strong melodies are strong no matter what, and this guy is really a living proof of this. Super catchy and non complicated. Awesome vibes here.

For fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Eskimo Joe and Arctic Monkeys, You Wouldn’t Know is an absolute firecracker of a song.  Soaring guitars reign, while searing, affecting vocals ride atop the arrangement with strength and power.  You Wouldn’t Know is pretty much everything a modern rock fan could want in a track, and is guaranteed to get you pushing your way through the dancefloor to bust a move.  Speaking on the interesting inspiration behind the track, bass guitarist and vocalist Louis Goutos enthuses, The sentiment behind the single came from me setting myself a challenge of writing from the perspective of a third party in a break up.  Up to that point, our writing had been about power within a relationship, whether it be during good times or bad.  This time,  I wanted to write a song about an outsider who becomes involved in a break up, as opposed to the two protagonists telling the story.  It is essentially about a girl telling her boyfriend’s best friend she’s going to leave her man, but the boyfriend is too oblivious to realise.  Hence, he ‘wouldn’t know’, but the friend does!”

Sienna Wild are thrilled to be taking You Wouldn’t Know on the road, and it’s pretty clear why once you hit play on this track – it’s definitely one for a hot, sweaty, summer gig.  Giving fans a taste of what to expect from their 2020 tour, Louis says, Fans can expect a tight rock performance full of swirling guitars, crashing choruses and compelling dynamics.  You’ll see a band who have conviction and believe what they say, and mean what they do.  A good time for all!”  

As fans of music from the very beginning, Sienna Wild are a passionate group of young musicians who are excited to share this stunning new track with the world.  Reflecting on the formation of Sienna Wild, Louis says, Fortunately, I came from a musical family and there were always instruments around so I just started playing things and learning by listening.  I started off with the piano, then the drums, until finally the bass called, and that was when  I found my voice (so to speak).  I found like-minded musicians and spirits in the guys from Sienna Wild, and haven’t looked back ever since.  Also none of us are opposed to a few beers and a good time… I reckon listeners should get around Sienna Wild now, before someone else gets there first!  You might just be the one to say ‘I told you so’”

Sienna Wild is Louis Goutos (bass and vocals), Jonathan Giokas (lead guitar) Lewis Ciavarella (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) and Lucas Manitta (drums).


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