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Bruno Brocchi drops new single ‘I Walked Away’.

It only took a few minutes of listening of Bruno Brocchi newest track called ‘I Walked Away’ to know that I would review and share it. This gem of a song has the whole package of a high-quality track for example, incredible vocals, relatable lyrics and interesting music.  Bruno sound is said to be “a mix between Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi with a touch of Green Day” which is interesting as I only like one of those artists (Green Day) yet I love ‘I Walked Away’ so much. Bruno is no newcomer to the music industry , with 7 albums and world tours under his belt as well as living in many different countries that have played a part in his influences. 

‘I Walked Away’ is the perspective of a person who has left a relationship. Written from personal experience which helps the song be so relatable. There is regret in the lyrics and the emotion in Bruno’s vocals throughout the song. I could listen to this song all day. Check ‘I Walked Away’ here.


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