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Jenny Kern releases new single called ‘Now We Know’.

Photo Credit: Kaitlin Gladney (@kaitlingladney_)

Canadian Singer-songwriter Jenny Kern is a multi-talented artist. Based in New York since 2013 where she started work at NBC and flew up the ladder there reaching producer in the film and television industry. 2018 was a year of change for Jenny who decided to follow her heart and work on her music full time. With her debut album released in April in 2019, she was invited on an international tour in Europe and was featured on MTV and ABC. Now she has released a new single called ‘Now We Know’ which is packed full of emotion and Jenny’s incredible vocals. 

Every song of Jenny’s is written from personal experience and completely relatable to others who have experienced the same experience. ‘Now We Know’ highlights the pain of a relationship that is coming to an end. For Jenny writing these songs was cathartic and listeners will be able to feel that too. The song addresses how it is a relief to have closure at the end of a relationship even though it is so painful. Jenny’s vocals must be heard to be believed, so take a listen here to ‘Now We Know’.



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