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SAGE debut single out now and she tells Jen her top 5 songs that feature Cello.

Ethereal cellist and singer-songwriter Sage has today announced her debut single From Dust, a gorgeous, introspective meander made especially for soulmates, out February 3.  Accompanying this stunning track is a beautiful, nostalgic video, shot in collaboration with director Hugo Rose (Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird).  From Dust is the first taste of Sage’s upcoming EP Tethered, a collection of gentle yet striking songs for cleansing the soul, set for release on February 27.




Top 5 Songs Featuring Cello

Let This Remain – Alana Henderson

Alana Henderson graced the stages with Hosier for a long while as his touring cellist but has also released a handful of amazing solo records. Let This Remain is one of her latest tracks with a really dark folk vibe. I love it because it manages to be twisted, ethereal and sexy all at the same time. The cello has been built up layer-by-layer in a similar way to how I record, using pizzicato, tremolo, harmonics, and arco. The production treatment applied to each of these techniques really plays up the diversity of the instrument even further. I highly recommend you wrap your ears around this one!

 I Would Die For You – Matt Walters

Grab the tissues; trust me, you’ll need them! I Would Die For You is 100% worth the six and a half minutes of your time that it takes to tell one of the most heartbreaking stories ever sung. Just when you think you can handle it, the cello sweeps in at 2:45 and pulls you back under its spell.  I’ve been known to have this song going on repeat on my speakers at home while I play along. It’s one of the most satisfying and effortless cello lines to play as you just slide up and down one string.

All Of The Lights – Kanye ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

Didn’t think you’d see Kanye in here, did you? Yet here I am whole-heartedly singing “All Of The Lights” along with Rihanna from my Airbnb in LA! I mean, where do I start with this song? The first minute is just solo cello and piano and has you envisioning a sad black and white movie play out in your head. Then then brass section and beats kick in and a head banging, hook takes hold. 

Talk Is Cheap (Alternate Version) – Nick Murphy aka. Chet Faker

I wish I had been the session cellist on this track, and will take this version over the studio version any day of the week. It’s an interesting use of the cello for “pop” music because it really holds its own, as opposed to being buried in the track as a textural bed. The way it interplays with the piano and vocals is just superb. It’s just so damn smooth…

Au Revoir – One Republic

I remember studying in New York for a month, and falling asleep to this song every single night; it has such blissful memories for me. The cello is the first thing you hear in this slow rock ballad, and it sounds like it’s filling every crevice of the most reverberant cathedral you could ever find. The way it cascades over itself is just beautiful. One Republic’s bassist/cellist Brent Kutzle is my kind of rockstar!

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For fans of Laura Marling and classic folk auteur Joni Mitchell, From Dust is a soft bed to fall into after a long hard day.  Enchanting and delicate, this song allows space for Sage’s elegant vocal to feature front and centre, while her adroit cello playing provides a warm glow that eminates throughout.  Speaking on the inspiration behind From Dust, Sage says, “This song is about soulmates, innocence, memories, and endless love.  It’s one of those miracle songs that was written in no time at all by myself in my run-down apartment.  When I sing this song, I think about the movie Stardust.  At the end of the film the two star-crossed lovers, having lived a full and beautiful life together, pass away and become stars in the sky, their love living on forever and shining over everyone.  There’s longing involved, but also hope.”  The film clip for From Dust is a perfect visual representation of the track – pretty, graceful, and sentimental, with a ‘70s film-camera flair.

Tethered is an exquisite collection of songs from this inimitable artist.  Like a nostalgic fairytale, these songs unfurl themselves flawlessly; from the pizzicato of All My Lost Loves, to the sweet, strings-infused pop of The Loveliest Thing, Tethered is a glorious, sun-soaked triumph of arresting folk-pop.  Reflecting on the concept behind the songs on Tethered, Sage explains, “This EP was a cleansing process of feelings I wanted to get out of my system through music.  The concept behind Tethered was to write a collection of songs about things that can hold us back and keep us tethered to our place in life, in the hopes of understanding these experiences and learning to let go.  Feeling stuck is a terrible thing so I always try to change and improve.”  Fellow cellist Richard Vaudrey (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sammy J, Anna Cordell) was the producer and audio and mix engineer throughout the recording process, and was a gem in the studio, as Sage notes, “I knew I had to work with Richard because he embodies so many things I wanted to do as an independent artist.  Having an engineer who is also a singer-songwriter-cellist like myself was so useful in the studio and nothing ever got lost in translation between us.
From Dust is set for release on Monday, February 3.

Tethered is set for release on February 27.

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