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MP Grey & Rudiger release new single “Highway’.

Martin Polle is a German producer, composer and recording artist releasing music under the name MP Grey. Recently he has dropped a gem of a song with Rudiger called ‘Highway’. I adore Rudiger’s voice. It is a little gruff with strength and emotion within. I also connected to the lyrics, I do like a song that leaves me feeling positive and that life is good! Martin’s cleverly written lyrics are about the street of life. If you think about your life you may think that it could have been a smoother ride along that highway. However, I believe that looking forward and appreciating what we have is the way to live. This is why I related to ‘Highway’ so well as it shares that sentiment. 

I am adding ‘Highway’ to my road trip playlist, I can imagine driving along singing it VERY loudly! I encourage you to take a listen to ‘Highway’ and see what you think. It has remained it my head for a while now but in a good way! 






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