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Sunset City chats to Jen about their new release ‘Feels So Right’.

Gold Coast favourites, Sunset City, enter 2020 with a new soulful pop release ‘Feels So Right’, out now on Central Station Records. Gaining attention around the country for their compelling lyrics and contemporary upbeat stylings, the new single bolsters the band as connoisseurs of edgy pop. The release explores diverse pop sounds by blending Parker’s infectious vocals with nuanced funk riffs, amplified by a darker production quality compared to previous releases. For their fourth single, the band draws inspiration from the insecurities that can arise when delving into a new relationship. 
Sunset City frontman Parker explains how the track came together; “‘Feels So Right’ is about someone that you’re into that makes you a little bit clumsy when you’re around them. We were working on a track in Melbourne with MSquared that was a bit darker than we intended, I wanted to brighten the whole vibe of the song up with a vocal that contrasted the production so I came up with the hook to the music that night after the session. Everyone liked the weird bendy  ‘feels so right’ part, so we sat down and finished the song from there.” More info below.

Jen got the chance to ask a few questions about ‘Feels So Right’.

Hi Sunset City, Listening to ‘Feels So Right’ certainly made me stop and really stop what I was doing and actively listen. I found it very engaging and the chorus was stuck in my head for ages. That is when I know a song is going to get under my skin.

Feels So Right’ has a different sound than your previous releases, was that an actual decision you made, or with the time passed and the new members of the group it was a natural progression?

SC – It was a conscious decision to move with the industry and evolve as a band and try new things. We like to experiment with new sounds and see the results in the studio and if we really feel it suits us, we just go with it.


MI – I last interviewed you two years ago roughly. Can you run me through the changes that have occurred, for example, time passed and we all mature and change with time (sadly!) and the band members additions?

SC – There’s almost too much to put down on paper of all the changes and the evolution of our brand, in regards to our sound and look, but it’s more so just a mindset change. We absolutely love being on stage and actually performing as much as we love being behind the scenes creating music, which had been our main goal, so this year we are really focusing on getting back out there. Hence, why there is the new additions to the band.

MI – Take one of those changes and please tell me how you think this has changed the band.

SC – I’d say the look of our band has been the biggest change. We realised that we weren’t being honest with who we were, so we went in a completely different direction. Besides, we certainly aren’t models and standing in front of a camera can always be a little confronting, which is probably why we weren’t happy with the look…

  Mi – Congrats on the air play for ‘Forget it All’. Things are progressing well for you and the release of ‘Feels So Right’ is ready to increase that trajectory. Did you have a feeling when writing this song that the end product be so damned good?

SC – hah thank you, I think our process of song creation is so fast paced that sometimes we forget to sit there and actually listen to what we’ve created. All that matters is that the people listening to it can connect on some level.

MI- As you are part of this scene, in regard to good new Australian Talent, what bands or artists are impressing you right now? 

SC –  Ruel has a killer vocal and his singles are just on an epic scale. But we can’t mention Aussies and forget about the huge success of Tones and I. As Aussies it’s always a step forward for our industry here when one of us are successful overseas.

MI – I was stoked that Billie Eilish became the first solo female artist to top the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. Even better there was five songs by solo women in the top ten. Well deserved! Your thoughts on that?

SC – We’re huge fans of all the female artists at the moment, Halsey, Tones and I, Benee, from just across the pond, we all absolutely adore her music. I think there’s so much talent on the charts and its all inspiring, it actually gives us some reference of where we’d like to take some of our music.

Mi – Can you please list the top 5 emerging Australian Acts and explain why you think so?

SC – We might add some NZ artists in here too because there is so much good music coming from there at the moment, and we always seem to be connected in some way shape or form.

RUEL, absolutely love the vocals!

TONES AND I, she’s just smashing the scene with a new sound and it’s super exciting to see.

CXLOE, We’re huge fans of Cxloe, Shes really tearing up the industry at the moment with tracks like “Low Blow” too.

SIX60, Insane voice, and no wonder he is getting lots of features at the moment! ‘Never Enough’ has us dancing and singing along, it brings a Harry Styles-esque vibe but in a more indie flow. Love it.

G FLIP, Just pure radness!

MI – Great answers!

 MI – Can you please describe ‘Feels So Right’ in 8 words for us?

SC – It’s a song that just Feels So Right…

MI- Well I think I made that too easy for you! Excellent answer! Thanks guys, all the best. 

SC – Thanks Jen.

Aligning with the release, is a self-directed/self-produced music video which features a number of impressive visual effects, including frontman Parker seamlessly floating in space. Parker expands on the ideation and creation for the clip, “we came up with the idea of doing it in space together, but Robbie and Matt really deserve the credit here. Matt is amazing at drawing, he fleshed out an epic solid story board and Robbie did all the tedious editing and insane visual FX.”

Breaking out with the release of their 2018 single ‘Pockets’, the band have since teamed up with fellow Gold Coast duo Bombs Away for the release of ‘Let You Down’ from the 2018 album ‘Fragments’. Further cementing the band in the pop world is their single ‘Papercuts’, a collaboration with Ryan Riback who best known as the producer behind Starley’s 4 x platinum hit ‘Call On Me’. More recently, the band worked with ARIA award winner, Samantha Jade for their release of ‘Forget It All’, which earned them praise from a number of commercial radio stations around the globe. The band continues to bring their energetic live show to events and venues around the country, including Suncorp Stadium, the Commonwealth Games and Surfers Paradise Live.

‘Feels So Right’ is out now on Central Station Records.

For more info on Sunset City, visit:

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