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Parker tells Jen her 5 Top Live Music Venues in Tasi and more!

Visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has released her devastatingly beautiful new single Become The Fool, a heartbreakingly powerful song about an unbalanced relationship in which one person ends up sacrificing too much of themselves and their dreams for another. PARKER has also announced a gorgeous Bauhaus-inspired clip to accompany Become The Fool. This affecting new single is the first taste of what is set to be an incredibly exciting 2020 for this innovative artist.

Jen asks Parker her 5 Top Live Music Venues in Tasi 

The Rosny Barn

This is my favourite venue in the world.  It seats just over 90 people and has the most incredible sound system and the sound engineers are world class.  I’ve performed at this venue with Runaway Belles and Ladychoir for the Festival of Voices.  They also program art exhibitions and installations in this space.

When She Believes

Founded by local Launceston Sarah Triffitt When She Believes is a showcase performance opportunity for female artists established and starting out.  It is hosted in various venues and homes around Tasmania.  I have been to a few of these shows and I always come away with a new favourite female artist to listen to.  Some amazing gals I’ve seen perform at a When She Believes concert are Medhanit Barratt, Grace Chia and Frankie Andrew. 

The Peacock Theatre

I have not been to this venue yet but I am so excited to be playing my first show as PARKER in Hobart at this stunning theatre.  I’m supporting Costume for their Dream Palace tour in Hobart on March 6th.  With the beautiful exposed rock backdrop it will be so fun to experiment with visuals and the sound in the space. 

The Earl Arts Centre

Another venue I have not performed at but will be playing my first Launceston show as PARKER here on the Dream Palace tour.  This will be my home town show and I’m so looking forward to sharing all these songs I’ve been working on over the past few years with a hometown crowd. 

 Princess Theatre

This is a great little theatre that always has shows on.  I saw Amanda Palmer there recently during Mona Foma Festival.  I performed with Emma Angelsey as Runaway Belles supporting Katie Noonan here in 2015.  We sang the song she wrote with Sia called Sweet Thing.  People in Launceston still stop Emma and I in the street sometimes to tell us what a beautiful show it was. 

More info on Parker

Become The Fool is about as vulnerable as a song can be. Everything from PARKER’s delicate, glassy vocal delivery, to the melancholy synths and deep, arresting percussion, bleeds with heavy emotion, and will speak to anyone who has gone through a complicated heartbreak – one that perhaps they wondered if they would ever recover from. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, PARKER reflects, “This is the first
song that was co-written with my writing and production team, Hans Van Vliet (QLD) and Becki Whitton (VIC), across three states and I’m really excited about it. When a relationship ends it can be devastating. But what happens afterwards can be a beautiful mess of experiences and vivid feelings. When I got to the end of my longest relationship, I realised I had lost so much of myself. I had been living for someone else and
their dreams for so long I didn’t know who I was without them. But through this experience, I was set free to find myself again, to pursue my creative practice with all my heart.”

The video for Become The Fool is a stunning journey that explores the depth of emotion behind this extraordinary song. The viewer feels connected to the main character as someone who is left behind in a world built for someone else. The narrative begins in sepia tones, and as the clip progresses and the character reclaims the city for herself through expressive dance, the scene begins to fill with colour as an empowering metaphor for this story. PARKER explains, “The clip for this song is so incredible! It was made in one month on a super tight budget. It was made by Hans Van Vliet (7 Bit Hero + HUNZ) in just three weeks. We took inspiration from bauhaus design; we wanted to
create something that felt nostalgic yet contemporary. Every single element in the clip has a meaning and a reason to be there. Nothing is superfluous.”
This wonderfully considered release is just the beginning of what is set to be a spectacular year for this multi-disciplinary artist, as she gives fans a taste of what is yet to come, “I’m really excited about all the singles and music videos we have lined up to release this year.  I’ve also got a number of live videos in the making!  I feel so lucky to be working with so many great filmmakers, musicians and audio engineers on these


PARKER is Tash Parker.

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