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Drew Schueler drops new single called ‘Can’t Say (Word Like That)’.

Drew Schueler is a super talented artist who can do it all! He wrote his debut EP called ‘New Perspective’ and played all the instruments and did the production and mixing himself. Always being interested in all sorts of music Drew has incorporated so many elements in his music and he takes pride that he knows every single tiny detail within. 

Recently Drew released a song called ‘View’ that has over 180,000 streams on Spotify already. Now he has released a gem of a song called ‘Can’t Say (Word Like That)’. I think we all know that when we love someone we find it difficult to say the first time and this song explores this. Expressing our feelings in any way can be hard. ‘Can’t Say (Word Like That)’ is a perfect showcase for Drew’s amazing vocals and general musical abilities. Take a listen here



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