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Chase Cimala releases new single called ‘Love Is Blind’.

Chase Cimala is a 19-year-old High School Student (USA) who has just released his second single called ‘Love Is Blind’. Hard to believe that Chase is not a more seasoned artist with the quality of this song. Chase has amazing vocals that are really quite unique which of course I love. ‘Love Is Blind’ was written from Chase’s perspective about being able to dig himself out of a toxic relationship. The lyrics are very cleverly written.  I am sure that many people will be able to relate to the emotions that Chase is clearly able to display within the song. Having a passion for bubble gum pop, Chase defends this passion as he is a varsity Football player and having the passion does not fit with the stereotype. Good one you Chase I say! 
Take a listen to ‘Love Is Blind’ here, you will not regret it! 
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