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Mercury Plaza releases a new single called ‘Come With Me’.

Jon Lloyd is a from New Zealand based in London who has a project called Mercury Plaza. This project was named after an Asian Food Court that is no more that was in the heart of Auckland. ‘Come With Me’ is the latest single from Mercury Plaza and it caught my attention for a few reasons. The song is really chilled. Laid back. I found myself relaxing while I listened to it. Jon’s vocals are unique, quite deep and nostalgic. A song that I want to lay on my couch, and lay back and listen with my husband. Dream about the old days. The guitar is catchy and I really love the chorus.  

Seriously take a listen to ‘Come With Me’ here. Chill out as we are mostly in lockdown over the world. We need to destress a bit and I think this is the perfect song to do so. Mercury Plaza has hit the nail on the head for a song that we need to listen to right now. I look forward to what is next!  

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