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The Hearsay release new single ‘Home’.

The Hearsay from Marietta, Georgia started out as a duo but grew pretty quickly add musicians. Their latest single called ‘Home’ is a contagious pop-rock song that has a touch of 90s alternative, pop-punk, and indie in it. I really like the dual vocals of ‘Home’. Meaning wise it is pretty deep and relatable. There have been many times when I let myself go and did not remain myself. I moved to another country and with their different customs and the situation I found myself, I totally lost touch with who I am. So… I came home to hit the reset button and it was the best thing that I ever did. ‘Home’ could really be written for me personally. Luckily there will be many others that will connect to it the same way. With unique music, ‘Home’ is a must-listen anytime but even more so now, with lockdowns, perhaps it is time to consider whether you have strayed from the path of who you actually are. Take a listen here. 



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