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Jonas Brøg drops new single called ‘Perfect Storm’

Multitalented Danish singing drummer/songwriter/producer Jonas Brøg began his music career playing the drums and toured the world with Sister Sledge (US), Dutch bands Relax and Beef, and joining f.e. Westlife (UK) and Roy Hargrove (US). After this Jonas decided to pen songs for other artists and work has a producer. After a while, depression hit and he once again turned to writing music as a cry for help for example his song ’Tell Me Why’. Jonas and I have something in common, we wear our emotions on our sleeve. He has decided not to hide anything in his songs so what we hear is purely Jonas’ emotions. His latest single called ‘Perfect Storm’ stood out in the crowd of submissions due to my immediate emotional connection. Of course, Jonas’ vocal sound and music ability assisted that as well. 

Jonas said “Unintentionally, the lyrics of this song got a whole new meaning in the light of everything that is going on in the world today:

“There’s a perfect storm tonight,

but you’re with me I understand your fear, 

there’s a perfect storm tonight 

but we’ll be allright” 

Listening to ‘Perfect Storm’ is relatable at the best of times and now we know the worst of times. Well written Jonas! 


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