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Zayde Wolf releases a new single called ‘Let’s Go’.

Multi-talented Zayde Wolf is the moniker of Dustin Burnet, who is based in Nashville. Dustin is a songwriter and producer and with licensing hundreds of his songs, we would have heard his music without actually knowing. For example this year his single ‘Cold Blooded’ is the theme song for the Chicago Cubs and is used in stadium and media. There are a load more examples! Zayde Wolf has noticed as we all have that 2020 is a year that we would rather hurry up and finish and forget about it. He felt we needed a little fun and Zayde Wolf is correct. His single ‘Let’s Go’ is a fast-paced song that is a real earworm. I love Dustin’s vocal sound and the energy that he puts into each lyric. If you are at home (where you should be) and bored, and even if you are not, take a listen to ‘Let’s Go’ here. 


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