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Shuja & Gina Livia release new single called ‘Where do we go from here’.

Shuja & Gina Livia have joined up to create a fantastic new song called ‘Where do we go from here’. This song stood out to me due to the incredible vocal sounds, Gina’s voice is very unique, beautiful and full of emotion. As stated in the press release, there is no genre to fit ‘Where do we go from here’. A shake of soul, a touch of pop, mixed in with indie and electro, a recipe for a hit I say! The music matches the vocals perfectly. A good beat and the electronic sounds are not overboard. The lyrics are very relatable if you have ever been in a relationship that needs to end but takes courage that you might not have. The real dilemma of if you don’t change anything you will be stuck there. I relate due to having to make the choice of leaving a marriage that was not working, taking two kids with me and moving countries. Took my a year to start to become happy. I guess I share that story to say it can work out really well if you build up your courage. Take a listen to ‘Where do we go from here’. Well worth it! 



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