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Alex Di Leo drops new single called ‘Youth’.

 Singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo had an interesting year in 2019 that changed the way that he perceived life. This of course has had an effect on his music. His latest single ‘Youth’ was inspired by a skydiving trip that Alex took with fellow artist Cody Lovaas. Alex, when face with jumping out of a plane was too scared to jump. I would be the same! The filled with a new sense of adventure Alex was able to jump. Since then his whole mindset has changed and this of course created confusing feelings. This lead to the creation of his latest single called ‘Youth’. With many layers and Alex’s beautiful vocal sound ‘Youth’ is a must listen to song. Alex is now working on this first album as his experiences in 2019 needed more songs to express his emotions. That is great news for us! I look forward to hearing more songs from Alex. Take a listen to ‘Youth’ here and see what I mean about how great this song is. 


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