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Ciarán Moran Drops New Single ‘Falling Down’.

Pictures taken by Sean Leslie (@seanlesliephotography)

Ciarán Moran has one of the most magnificent sounding vocals I have heard! He also has a storytelling ability in his songs that is rare as his songs explore the sadder aspects of our society such as drug use, homelessness and domestic violence. The things that people want to keep quiet about, Ciarán wants to highlight. I admire this. I find his latest single ‘Falling Down’ absolutely captivating. With so many lyrics there are many aspects of the song that I could discuss. I would like to look at the title, ‘Falling Down’. As humans, we are all imperfect and our experiences in life can make us not live up to others expectations. Ciarán explores this in this song, that we keep on fail others. He mentions his father briefly and how he was let down by him with substance abuse.

‘Falling Down’ does encourage people to open their eyes and try to not to fall in the second part of the song. Ciarán is telling us that we actually could be more. I like that message. Take a listen to ‘Falling Down’ above. Even if you are not in the mood for a deep and meaningful song, just listening to Ciarán voice is worth doing!



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