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JRtheBand releases a single called ‘Good Gracious Love’.

JRtheBand is made up of JR (Jeremy) who has the perfect vocal sound to make rock anthems that soar. His vocal sound is varied and unique sounding. Since he could remember he has been humming tunes to himself and after a life-changing event, he suddenly realised that he should turn those hums into songs. Then after running out of excuses, he released them to the public. I am glad he did! His latest track called ‘Good Gracious Love’ is a super catchy tune, with lyrics that you will want to sing along to. It has a deep meaning, it is about a drifter who realises that after all his life focussed about himself, he is all that he has left. With musical variances ‘Good Gracious Love’ is an interesting song that you can listen to here. 


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