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The Treble releases new single ‘All The People’.

Alternative rockers The Treble found out that after they had experienced their 20’s, that it is a decade where you are actually trying be to please other people and not able to be yourself. They enjoyed their 20’s as so much happened to them but they were not able to true to themselves musically. After The Treble passed through this decade they thought that it is easier to be the person that you are meant to be. After this, they were able to create music true to themselves. 

Able to be themselves everything started to go well for them on their second album. Not overthinking things and did things what made them happy. One of the end products is a catchy song called ‘All The People’. This song is full of beautiful harmonies and a catchy beat. Lyrically it is very cleverly written, an explanation of the people who get into our head that want us to do what they want, not what we want. The lead vocals are great, they really drive the song.’ All The People’ is clear in regards to the meaning and many people will relate to the meaning. Take a look here at an engaging lyric video. 



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