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Taylor B-W releases new single ‘Dreams’.

Taylor B-W is an Australian born Kiwi with a strong vocal sound and yet so gentle at times. Taylor’s sound is soulful with an electro-pop sound as well as an R&B tinge.  Late last year she released ‘Be Mine’ and has now followed it up with ‘Dreams’. She says this about the tune “The words make me feel, the music makes me move – it’s a perfect combo.”

The lyrics make me feel as well! I can connect to the holding on to anger towards the people, or in my case, on man for years. This lead to a downward spiral of sleeplessness and built up anger. I have learnt now to let things go and only I can do that, but in my 20’s I did not know that. I wish I had of! Taylor B-W could have written this song just for me! It was not only my connection to the song that made it stand out from the crowd, it was the vocal sound that is full of emotion as well. Take a listen to ‘Dreams’ here.


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