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Brittany Maggs chats to Jen about her single ‘Underneath The Sheets’ and more!

Sydney songstress Brittany Maggs burst onto the airwaves last year with her pop hit Lazy Boy, break-up ballad, Reasons and over 6 million views on YouTube. After leaving fans on the edge of their seats, she returns with her eagerly awaited new single,  Underneath The Sheets, out now – a dance-pop anthem set to see you through the rest of the summer season. 

Driven by her signature powerhouse vocal, the pool-side summer hit explores young tumultuous love, battling secrets, the painstaking ‘chase’ and everything in-between. Brittany explains:

Underneath the sheets talks about a relationship that feels secretive and one-sided. The girl can’t get enough of the relationship and still sticks around even though she knows this is all she’s going to get, but still hopes for more. Sometimes it’s not easy to leave a relationship when it’s not going how you thought it would. I want people to know it’s okay to still love that person but you also need to know your self-worth and be open about your feelings.

(more info about Brittany Maggs below interview)

Jen had the chance to catch up with Brittany.

Hi Brittany, you have previously had success with your songs Lazy Boy and Reasons with over 6 million views on Youtube. Congrats on that! 

Thanks so much! I’m super happy with it all and it’s so crazy to think that many people have heard me sing. 

The night before you released your latest song called ‘Underneath the Sheets were you feeling the same as when you released the other songs or feeling more confident?

I think I will always be nervous, it’s always a mixture of excitement but also nerves because I’m hoping that everyone loves it as much as they have loved my other songs. Going into this release I’d say I was exactly the same as the other releases because it was my first song of 2020. 

It can be a little uncertain if a song is going to be well received by fans as well as the last, now it has been released what has the reaction of fans been?

Yes, it definitely can be a bit scary but so far the reaction has been great! I’ve had a lot of people messaging me telling me they love it and they love how much of a summer vibe the song has so I think (and hope) everyone is loving it so far! 

The three songs are very different, is this intentional or was it just your creativity and the way they turned out?

Whenever I go into a session I really just write about whatever vibe I am feeling on that day. It’s not really intentional it all just happens in the moment and then I listen to the song in my car and if I absolutely love the song and want to listen to it again, then I know I have to release it.

Your vocals have some serious strength behind them! Prior to releasing your songs did you do any other singing? In school perhaps?

Thank you so much! I have actually been doing singing lessons since I was about 8 years old. I also sit in my room everyday singing, so I think that helps me to grow because I listen to so much music and all I’m ever doing is singing haha. 

Who were your main influences when you were young?

Growing up all I ever really watched was Disney so Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and High School Musical. I definitely looked up to all of them, especially Miley Cyrus. I was also completely obsessed with One Direction and Justin Bieber when they came onto the scene.

Ah, the good old days of Disney! The concept of ‘Under the Sheets’ is a very real concept to many people. It is certainly not easy to break up a relationship even if you know it is not going anywhere. I can relate! Was this written from personal experience?

I love the whole concept behind the song and yes I do think personal experiences had an effect on this song, but I also took a lot of relationships that were around me and related them to this song as well. 

You have done some collaborating with some great artists, was there one in particular that meant the most to you? Can you tell us why?

I definitely think even though we didn’t make music together, getting to be a part of Dami Im’s National tour was one of the best moments that I have had yet as an artist. It was so incredible to be able to sing every night on a stage and have people sitting in front of me. Even though we didn’t make music together, the whole experience of being on tour was incredible.

In one review you are compared to three of Australia’s top female artists, Kylie, Delta and Jess, how did that make you feel when you first read that review? That is pretty special!

Australia has produced some of the world’s most loved pop princesses from Kylie Minogue, to Delta Goodrem to Jess Mauboy. In 2019 a new face with a powerhouse voice is taking the stage, singing songs about everything from 21st century feminism to experiencing heartbreak for the first time.”

That was honestly so incredible… I have always looked up to them and to even be put in somewhat the same category as them was amazing. Very amazed at that! 

Do you have any plans that you can share that are happening this year? Or your hopes for plans for the year?

Because of the things that are going on in the world right now it’s quite difficult to get into the studios because I am staying home, but I’ve been writing a lot of music and working on a plan to hopefully have an album by the end of the year. I’m really hoping that I can tour again soon! 

Thanks for answering some questions Brittany. All the best for your future! It seems very bright so far!

 Thanks so much for the interview! Stay safe! Thank you once again x 

Stay safe too! I know this year will be difficult for artists like yourself who will be itchy to play live. 
More info

Having made a name for herself on YouTube with millions of views on her covers and original songs, Underneath The Sheets follows on from Maggs’ national tour with Dami Im and national radio success with her two previous singles. Although fresh-faced, Maggs is no stranger to the industry; under the guidance of Simon Cowell’s right hand woman Gabreille Mosci, the 20 year-old has collaborated with the likes of Jonas Jeberg (Selena Gomez, Panic! At The Disco, Demi Lovato), Sidnie Tipton, and Mike Jay (Ciara), to name just a few.

There is no doubt that Brittany Maggs is an artist to watch.

Taking influence from modern pop icons Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha, Brittany is a powerful and diverse vocalist, prolific song writer and enigmatic performer who is more than ready to step into the spotlight as a pop artist in a market where pop is often a dirty word, ready to knock on every door to ensure her voice is heard!

Australia has produced some of the world’s most loved pop princesses from Kylie Minogue, to Delta Goodrem to Jess Mauboy. In 2019 a new face with a powerhouse voice is taking the stage, singing songs about everything from 21st century feminism to experiencing heartbreak for the first time.

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