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Michael Rose releases new single ‘I Got You’.

Michael Rose is a singer, songwriter and producer and multi-instrumentalist from Tel-Aviv Israel, although he was born in USSR and moved to Tel-Aviv Israel when he was only 3 years old. Michael was a contestant in Israel’s The Voice (season 2) and made the quarter-finals! Previously the frontman of the Israeli Progressive Metal band Distorted Harmony he has now started his solo project and has just released a beautiful song called ‘I Got You’. This song is a great showcase for Michaels great vocal sound. The song took around 10 years to write, with the concept in the back of Micheals mind through a few relationships that taught him how to be a better man. Michael has a deep desire to protect and provide for his lover. I like that! The music video based in a post Apocalyptic world with a boy and girl falling in love. It is very cute. Michael shot this music video over 6 months ago so there is no connection to COVID 19, he wants to make sure that we know that!  ‘I Got You’ is a catchy tune with a great meaning and I would love it to climb the charts. Take a listen here. 

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