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The Karmanauts release new single called ‘Paper Tiger’.

The Karmanauts have released an amazing contagious song called ‘Paper Tiger’. This song incorporates so many different musical instruments that add to the overall amazing sound. These include Jimmy Durchslag and David Penalosa the trombone and conga parts respectively. Talk about making me want to get up and dance! Tyler Martin (from Diggin’ Dirt) on bari-sax and Isaac Williams (from the Opera Alley Cats) on alto-sax, and Chad Bell (session musician out of Nashville) on trumpet all add to the listening experience. 

The song was originally written about fear and anxiety so you would assume it might not have been so party like in sound. However, it works just the way it is. Main vocals have a great sound and build the atmosphere well over the song. ‘Paper Tiger’ is from The Karmanauts debut album called ‘Moonstone’. I look forward to hearing more from this album. Listen to ‘Paper Tiger’ here.

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