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Cannon releases new single called ‘Conversations’.

21-year-old independent artist from South Carolina called Cannon has a great talent of fusing hip/hop and R&B sounds. His experiences at open mic nights playing his acoustic guitar can be heard in his latest single called ‘Conversations’. With unique sounding music and a vocal sound with a difference, this song caught my attention. 

This song has a deep meaning. It comes from a need to talk to ourselves about our personal issues rather than ignore them which of course is the easiest thing to do. Cannon points out in his lyrics that there is a difference in just talking or actually having a conversation. So true! 

We could take this time in lockdown to contemplate having a conversation with ourselves. There is no better time! Take a listen here to ‘Conversations’ here and consider the lyrics carefully. I look forward to hearing more from Cannon if ‘Conversations’ is a sample of his brilliance.


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