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Nightshift release new single ‘Butterflies ft Quiggle’.

Brothers Steve and Dan Kennelly are members of a new band called Nightshift. They are working the corporate life during the day and living their music dream at night. They are going to release their own original music as well as covers of their favourite songs by their favourite artists. Steve and Dan are documenting how they want to make it on social media in the hope that other people are inspired to do the same. 

Nightshift has just released a single called ‘Butterflies’ that features artist Quiggle. She has a range of talents, as well as having a magnificent vocal sound, including modelling, acting, music and is even a nurse! Her vocals match perfectly with those of Nightshift. The song has some unusual quirky sounds that make the song stand out. 

Meaning wise, ‘Butterflies’ is about the exact moment when you have a connection with someone romantically and you can only focus on that person and the rest of the world disappears for you. Dan wrote this song about a summer fling and it is named after the feeling he got in his stomach, both excitement and nerves. I am sure most people, if not all, can relate to this feeling. Take listen here to ‘Butterflies ft Quiggle’, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as me. I do feel that Steve and Dan have made the right decision to take on the music world! 




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