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NYIKO releases new single ‘Like The Movies’.

American singer, songwriter, record producer, label owner, visual artist, and actor NYIKO seriously can do it all! Super talented with an amazing unique vocal sound and an ability to write meaningful songs, it is well worth listening to his music. Recently NYIKO has released a catchy tune called ‘Like The Movies’ via Trailing Twelve Records. While writing this single NYIKO was listening to a lot of British post-punk and new wave and decided that he wanted a full band sound on this song. With some assistance from guitarist, Niles Gregory, bassist, Stone Irr, and producer, Kyler Hurley, the song was recorded in NYIKO’s bedroom studio. I have been a fan of British post punk and new wave since I was younger. Probably why I fell in love with ‘Like The Movies’, with this sound and of course as I mentioned before brilliant vocals. 

‘Like The Movies’ is described in the press release as “a sonic coming-of-age film’. It explores the reality of teenagers growing up and realising that the idea of love that they learnt from teenage romance movies is not actually what real love it. The reality of love is that it is much more complex and if you find you are quite lucky. ‘Like The Movies’ has all the elements in a song I love, great to listen to due to the music and vocals and a relatable meaning. Take a listen to ‘Like The Movies’ here. 


NYIKO · Like The Movies

photo by Niles Gregory

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