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Mechner drops new single ‘Do You Wanna Go?’.

Irish artist Jack Ahern releases his music and creative music videos under the moniker Mechner. Based in Cork he is a self-funded and self-produced artist who self claims that he is a perfectionist. Striving for perfection has meant that his music and videos to be described as ‘Radiohead meets David Lynch by (John Loftus -8 Radio) Morrissey from The Smiths describes Mechner as “Simply Brilliant’. Two great accolades indeed! 

Mechner’s debut single ‘Surfacing’ had over 25k views! He has just released a new single called ‘Do you wanna go’ which is the first single off his debut mini-LP ‘Club Idem’ and this will be followed with 4 more singles. Each single will have its own music video that will create a sense of a mini-series. Mechner’s unique cinematic style is engaging and adds depth to the listening experience. ‘Do you wanna go’ is a song that explores our herd mentality and in this case, it looks at people going to clubs. In animal costumes, the dancers represent the ritualistic scene of crowds in night clubs but people still feeling lonely. Mechner really does capture this concept in his video. I must not just discuss the video!  I must add that Mechner has a great vocal sound and the song is very catchy. I really look forward to the next instalment of ‘Club Idem’ in fact the rest of the songs so I can see the whole series. 

Take a listen to ‘Do you wanna go’ here.

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