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The Companions drop new single called ‘Late Night’.

Dutch songwriting/production duo The Companions is made up of two talented artists Stefan van Leijsen & Sasha Rangas. Already they have over 250 million streams and been involved in the creation of 70 plus songs. They met when they were at a music college but did not start making music together till they found that they shared the same taste when Stefan was in his fourth year and Sasha was in his third year. In 2015 they became The Companions. They each bring their own qualities and talent to the project which means they make great sounding songs!

This year Stefan and Sasha decided that this was the year to release their own songs. Their debut song ‘Pretty Fucking Sure’ was released in January and now they are releasing ‘Late Night’ that clide collaborated with them on. This is the second time that they have worked with clide as they worked together on his single ‘Broken Parts’ that has amassed 3 million streams already. 

‘Late Night’ features clide’s great vocal sound that is smooth and steady throughout the song. The song is definitely a dreamy pop tune that has a tinge of the ’80s. I love the lyrics, they are clever and tell the story of someone wanting to falling in love with a certain person that they can’t get out of their mind. I like how the verses build up before the chorus. 

Take a listen here. It is certainly worth your while. 



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