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The Score release new single ‘Best Part’.

Hit alert!
The Score are super talented at writing songs that get scored in movies! With their last single, ‘Bulletproof feat Xylø’ featured as the end title song in NETFLIX’s 6 Underground  and other songs also scored in the film, including ‘Glory,’ ‘Legend’ and ‘The Fear.’
The Score’s genre classification is rather difficult. Electronic and pop for sure and these fused with rock and indie. With near 3 billion streams combined their music is super popular. 
I really love their latest release called ‘Best Part’ and this feeling was pretty much instant. With the opening lines “I can be a liar, I can be a cheat, I can be neurotic, I can be a freak, I can be everything in between, but you always find the best part of me’. Is actually very meaningful. The song explores how another person can change someone and bring out the best of them. I am in a relationship like that. My partner always sees the best in me and that makes the rest fade away. I like how the song’s music and vocals are varied, and that the chorus really lifts the song. A song like this is one you want to sing loudly driving in your car with friends.
I really feel this song has all the elements that are needed to be a massive hit. Take a listen here.



Or on your preferred platform here. 
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