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Alpha Chino release single called ‘Runaway Bay’.

Power Pop/Alt Rockers Alpha Chino are from North Wales and were formed last year. There are 4 members, Gareth Cooper who has performed as a busker in 50 countries and has a talent for writing songs that people connect to. Jake Aston is the lead guitarist, the rhythm section consists of Andrew Stokes and Jason Williams. Playing some Festivals last year and working on their youtube channel Alpha Chino are a hard-working band ready to take the next stage and get their music out into the world. 

It is no secret that I like bands that are just starting out and if they have a sound that I like I want to share their music. Alpha Chino are such a band. They certainly have all the aspects I love, a great vocal sound, catchy music and songs that are relatable. I enjoyed listening to their first recorded release called ‘Runaway Bay’. The song has such a raw sound and has not been polished as much as other songs. I like that! Gareth’s vocals stand out as they are unique and sound like you are hearing them live. The music is certainly catchy. I enjoyed ‘Runaway Bay’ meaning, of running away from something but as time goes on what exactly you are running from seems to fade. 

Check out ‘Runaway Bay’ here. 



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