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Weekly Shout Outs!

This new feature will share songs that I would like to give out a shout out to. Each week I will share songs in a post that I think are worth sharing. All songs in this feature are submissions from Submithub.

Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience. “Enough” is a song that captures the unsettling emotions and experiences that keep us awake at night and asking a question each one of us has faced and will continue to face throughout our lives: “Am I enough for the people that claim to love me the most?”


London Rain is a warm indie infusion, for all of us longing people in these crazy times. It’s about a night in the bustling city. Roaring crowds, lovely drinks and searching for the right door. Before or after the lockdown. Who knows.

Brightside boasts a massive new high-spirited contemporary pop sound with hook-laden melodies, sparkling guitars, and lush vocal harmonies. Tinged with ambitious r&b influences and a new pop aesthetic, the new music is a break into a new 80s adult contemporary pop direction.


The music emanating from eighteen year-old Chicago-based musician, Marco Landaverde, pulls from his childhood musical influences and his intimate journey through introspection–and the result is a nostalgic amalgamation of indie and ’60s rock. His first single, Pink Lemonade, with its wide and fluttery guitar riff, turned many heads as it debuted on his Soundcloud page. In 2019, Landaverde published his debut EP, How to Keep Someone from Disappearing, under the pseudonym, ‘Ocean Child’. Since then, Landaverde has been steadily recording and producing new material with big plans for the future.

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