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Pray For Sleep Brings Experience Beyond Their Years to Their New Release

Photo By: John Ferreira

It is easy to tell when speaking to Grant DeCrane, his maturity level far exceeds the slight twenty three years he has been alive.  In an industry that has come to a grinding halt, he and his band mates are not giving up without a fight.  Their extensive musical background has been an inspiration to them.

Grant started his musical experience began with classical piano, eventually progressing to electric guitar and then acoustic.  “Most of our lives there was a deep passion.  Music means a lot to us. I was on the worship team in my church.”  This experience helped tremendously when Pray For Sleep player Rock On The Range in 2018.  “We weren’t terrified because of playing in front of large groups of people before.  I’d been in front of a decent amount of large church groups, usually two to three thousand.  There was a little nervousness mixed with lots of excitement.” It was not the first time Hayden Kissler played Rock On The Range, although that appearance was a bit unconventional, playing the quads (a four drum marching band set up) during the Papa Roach 2017 performance.  A definite crowd pleaser.

Parental involvement, also played a significant roll. “Reno played drums with his Dad his whole life.  His Father is also a drummer.”  Hayden learned a lot from his dad. “He (Hayden) has grew up playing guitar.”  I (Grant) have always experimented with unique rhythms Their passion also extends to other subjects as well.

Pray For Sleep is incredibly socially conscious about depression and this served as their inspiration for the song “Scream Back” , Also the name of their program that the band has been promoting.  With their partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s On Our Sleeves moment they are coming together to address mental health issues plaguing the nation’s youth.  Scream Back makes a point to have in-school appearances with personal stories, and peer to peer messages to encourage dialogue about the issues most effecting their mental health.  Bringing these problems to light and reducing the stigma.

On May 15th: 5PM Pray For Sleep will be joining Many others for the virtual version of the Prevention Action Alliance To Promote Mental Health Awareness Month.  A cause which has become even more important with the current isolation atmosphere.  “We became acquainted with the Nationwide Children’s Hospital and wanted to be more involved in the community.  We were invited by a friend to be a part of the Big Lots/ Big Tables”  They then got involved in the Butterfly Run and it just evolved from there.

For more information on Pray For Sleep visit:
For information or to get involved with Scream Back, please visit:
To learn more about the On Our Sleeves™ movement visit:

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